Looking After Your Back When You Are At The Desk All Day

  1. Sit with a good back rest. If your chair does not provide it, carry a back rest with you!
  2. Elevate your work station so that the computer screen is just below eye level when the back is straight (this will encourage you to sit straight and not stoop)
  3. Every two hours, exercise as follows:
    • Stretch out alternate legs as shown: keep the back straight, and slowly and smoothly stretch out each leg holding for a few seconds before releasing. Feel the stretch at the back of the thigh.
    • Sit straight and tall, and taking support of the chair, gently rotate your spine as shown. Hold for a few seconds before releasing and then rotate to the other side.
    • Placing your hands in the small of the back, gently bend backwards. Hold for a few seconds before releasing.
    • With feet widely placed firmly on the ground, relax your body slowly between your legs. Hold for a few seconds, and then roll up as if you were rolling open a carpet.. one vertebra at a time.
    • Rest against the back rest, and take a deep breath in. On the out-breath, press your low back on the support and tighten your belly so that the rib cage comes closer to your pelvic (hip) bones. Breathe in, relax, and repeat 10-15 times.
    • Stand up and stretch your calf as shown on a wall/ step in your office.

You are now refreshed, and can go back to work for two hours.

Disclaimer: All exercises are not safe for every back condition. Please consult your Doctor before making use of this advice.

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