Exercise and People “of age”

Just remember, when you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed.”
― Charles M. Schulz

Pandit Jasraj ji has been enthusiastically exercising in our clinic after his recent Cardiac procedure.

Pandit Jasraj ji at PrakrutiSSPC Pvt Ltd

Exercise is integral to health, and no pill or medicine or injection or surgical procedure can give the benefits that only exercise can give.
Exercise in the elderly helps
1.       Cardiac function and blood circulation to improve endurance
2.       Breathing and lung health to prevent fatigue
3.       Muscle building to ensure enough strength for daily activities

4.       Co-ordination and balance to prevent falls
5.       Build Stronger bones to prevent fractures
6.       Increase flexibility to improve joint functions and reduce pain
7.       Elevate mood to prevent depression
8.       Improve memory to keep senility at bay
9.       Control or reduce body weight to ensure well being
10.   Regulate hormones to improve digestion and sleep
11.   Increase immunity to keep infections away
12.   Strengthen the body and mind to recover from illnesses that are not in our control

Exercising OUTSIDE the home environment increases commitment: more people are likely to stick to an exercise plan and exercise longer per session if they go out for it. Going to a place outside home also improves confidence, elevates mood and increases functional skills in the elderly.

Walking is not the only exercise that the elderly should do. A combination of all components of fitness is required to give the above mentioned benefits. It is never too late to begin an exercise program and it always yields benefits as long as it is planned specifically for you.

Hippocrates said “Not too little and not too much” and that is just how an exercise program should be designed.

Overcoming personal and social reservations, the elderly should step out into safe exercise zones to reap the benefits of a planned exercise program.

P.S. Charles Schulz, my favorite cartoonist growing up always had perfect insight into everything!!
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