Greatness is a lot of small things done well every day.

One of these small things is valuing the time that others give you.

I have been treating and training Sachin Tendulkar since 2002, and over all these years, I can count just 2-3 times that he has cancelled a session without sufficient notice. In fact, I remember even in the early days when he was at the height of his career, (and I was not), he would send a message with an apology if he was getting delayed by as little as 5 minutes!

I got a message from him today, well over an hour before I was to see him. He was not feeling too well and needed to cancel the session. The message came with an apology “Sorry for the last minute change” and a “Thanks”, even though there was sufficient reason to cancel. A simple acknowledgement of the value of my time.

Especially in a city like Mumbai where commute is difficult and time-consuming, and time is extremely valuable, all of us need to respect each other’s time.

At Prakruti SSPC Pvt Ltd. we rarely keep any one waiting for their appointment. We try our best to space out appointments, so that the clinics are not crowded, and our patients are comfortable.

But we often have to deal with a few patients repeatedly cancelling sessions at the last minute, sometimes not showing up without bothering to cancel, and sometimes coming extremely late for an appointment, All of this without an apology. A late cancellation means that we lose valuable time, find it difficult to function efficiently, and of course we lose revenue because we had reserved that time-slot and denied it to someone else.

In today’s fast-paced world, “Time is money”. It is therefore not wrong to say that those who regularly miss appointments, or fail to cancel them in time, are squandering our money!

Greatness is a lot of small things done well every day.

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  • Dr Harshada Rajadhyaksha

    In Sanskrit, the word “Prakruti” means “Nature”: the primal motive force of the Universe; Ayurveda recognized that no two humans are alike, and called this basic, very unique, individual constitution, “Prakruti”.

    At Prakruti Sports Science and Physiotherapy Clinic, we provide the environment, expertise, and support required to assist natural healing.

    True healing begins from within the self: Doctors and Healers can only assist along the process. After 22 years, we continue to remain humble in our approach to diagnosis and treatment, our focus remains on the complete wellbeing of our patients, and we continue to promote the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases in the community.

    Our patients’ trust and faith in us, and our honest concern for their wellbeing has been the foundation of our success.