From infinity are we born
Into the infinite do we return?
Or from an atom do we arise
And to the elements return?

The earth and its creatures
Share the same compounds
The “matter” that forms us
Exists in all… and around!!

If matter cannot be created
Nor is ever destroyed
And the chemicals that form us
Just change form and survive..

Then the body is invincible
Perpetual, eternal!!
The atoms just re-group,
Change structure and go on..

“Life” is the energy
That drives every cell
Vibrant and Pulsating
Our Spirit and essence

We exchange with the universe
This energy through life
Using it for bodily functions
Discharging it with each action

Energy is unending,
Only changing its form
Undying and timeless
The substance of us all..

There can be no death to body or soul
Each of us will live on in this timeless zone
Created from earth, to earth we belong
From infinity born, to infinity we belong..

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